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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
you, I should let them lie by in a drawer from week's end to week's end.    Good night!
Downing Street, June 17, 1742.
WE were surprised last Tuesday with the great good news of the peace between the Queen and the King of Prussia1. It was so unexpected and so welcome, that I believe he might get an Act of Parliament to forbid any one thinking that he ever made a slip in integrity. Then, the repeated accounts of the successes of Prince Charles and Lobkowitz over the French have put us into the greatest spirits. Prince Charles is extremely commended for courage and conduct, and makes up a little for other flaws in the family.
It is at last settled that Lord Gower2, Cobham, and Bathurst3 are to come in. The first is to be Privy Seal, and was to have kissed hands last Friday, but Lord Hervey had carried the seal with him to Ickworth; but he must bring it back. Lord Cobham is to be Field Marshal, and to command all the forces in England. Bathurst was to have the Gentlemen Pensioners, but Lord Essex4, who is now the Captain, and was to have had the Beef-eaters, will not change. Bathurst is to have the Beef-eaters; the Duke of Bolton, who has them, is to have the Isle of Wight, and Lord Lymington5, who has that, is to have—nothing!
LETTER 83.—1 The Treaty of Etesian, of which, the preliminaries were signed on June 1,1742.
2 John Leveson-Q-ower (1694-1754), second Baron Gower, or. Earl Gower, July   8,   1746;   Lord   Privy   Seal, 1742-48, 1744-55.
3  Allen Bathurst (1684-1775), first Baron Bathurst, or. Earl Bathurst, Aug. 7, 1772; Captain of the Gentlemen Pensioners, 1742-44; Treasurer
to Prince of Wales, 1757-60.
* William Capel (1697-1743), third Earl of Essex; Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard, 1789; Banger of St. James's Park.
5 John Wallop (1690-1762), first Viscount Lymington, or. Earl of Portsmouth, April 11, 1743; Governor arid Vice-Admiral of the Isle of Wight, 1734-42, 1746-62.